The "Old Village" of Eastergate lies within the much bigger Parish of Eastergate and both have some very picturesque features. Eastergate has many attractive older properties along Church Lane as well as more recently built homes in areas like St Georges Walk and Collins Close.

The village was originally mentioned in the Doomsday Book where it was called "Gate" probably from a time when a tollgate was situated between Eastergate and Westergate. Within one of the two Conservation Areas there remains a 16th century Manor House with its Tudor Granary nearby and which has for many years been home to the Grand Summer Fair in June.

St George's Church, a Grade II listed building is situated in the grounds of Manor Farm. It has a fine example of a stained glass window over 630 years old and a little Saxon window.

The Parish Hall is used for many community events including amateur dramatics, Christmas pantomimes, badminton and table tennis clubs, jumble sales, aerobics, Victorian evenings and many many more. The hall has a unique collection of painted panels depicting scenes of Sussex history.

Eastergate has a doctor's surgery and the Elm Tree Stores opposite the War Memorial is a general store as well as a Post Office.

Eastergate Primary School, built in 1970, currently has 146 children taught in five classes spanning the seven primary year groups.

The Wilkes Head established as an inn since 1803 was named after an eighteenth century political reformer, imprisoned in the Tower for opposing the Government. Food is served there.
The sports field is home to local football clubs, Eastergate Cricket Club and the Stoolball Club, a true Sussex game.

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